Whitewater Adventures Trip Waivers


Here you will find downloadable copies of our waivers. There are three (3) documents.

One is the FRONT of our waiver(s) and is all text, called “WAIVER” - this document is to be intialed & dated.
Another is called “ADULTS” and is only for those at least 18 and older.


The third document is called “YOUTH WAIVER” and is for those who have an UNACCOMPANIED MINOR rafting here and that person is under 18. This is the waiver you want for unaccompanied minors, defined as those who will be here without a parent or legal guardian. Keep in mind that every waiver is inclusive of the FRONT of our waiver (all text). You need to download a minimum of two documents.

We prefer to receive all waivers on one sheet - FRONT & BACK. The back will either be our ADULT document or the YOUTH WAIVER.

For those at least 18 and those who are accompanying minors (your own kids) on the trip, you may sign your waivers here at check-in time.

All participants on a rafting trip, or anyone who may simply ride one of our vehicles, is required to read & sign the appropriate waiver – ADULT or YOUTH.



WAIVER (PDF, 26kb)  |  ADULTS (PDF, 8kb)  |  YOUTH WAIVER (PDF, 8kb)

Please download and fill out.